Welcome Aboard!

Welcome to the Cleveland Model Boat Club website. Take a look and consider joining us. Our club is dedicated to all aspects of the model boat hobby:

Most members operate their models on the water under sail or power.  Many club members also enjoy building models for static display. We offer and support a wide range of locally organized activities and members are encouraged to take part in activities sponsored by other clubs in Ohio, or travel beyond Ohio's boarders for regional or national competition.

We operate on two ponds:

Guests are welcome at club dinner business meetings held 10 times a year at the Denny's Restaurant on W. 150th Street, just south of I-71, at 7:30 PM.  See the calendar for exact dates.

Please contact us for more information regarding the dates and times of our events.

2015 NE Ohio Club Challenge Regatta

Race 1     Race 2

Boat of the Month!

 Judy and Jim Crane's DF 65's



Download Our Club Brochure Here.